Arms Academy

Arms Academy

Two Day Foil & Dueling Sword Seminar & Tournament - February 10th & 11, 2018

Arms Academy is a two-day immersion into the art of French foil and dueling sword fencing. The French foil, or fleurette, was the practice tool for the French school of fencing in the 18th and 19th centuries. New or beginning fencers train with the foil to practice accuracy and a wide diversity of French technique. Fencers with prior foil experience may train under Maestro Antone Blair with the French dueling sword. Students will test their skill in a tournament against their peers at the conclusion of the weekend.

Arms Academy exposes students to a myriad of French techniques, including footwork, simple and complex attacks, the parry, reposte, pris d'fer, and much more. Photographs of last year's excellent Academy can be found here.

Register Today!

Purchase a full or half registration (one day only). If you're a new student, please bring a completed waiver to class.

Event Details


8pm cocktail hour, location TBD


1:00pm: Building Open
1:30: Instruction Begins
3:00: Coffee Break
4:00: Instruction Continues
5:30: Open Assaults & Private Lessons
6:30pm: Building Closes
8:00: Group dinner reservation, location TBD


1:30pm: Building Open
2:00: Instruction Begins
3:30: Coffee Break
4:00: Instruction Continues
5:00: Tournament
5:30: Open Assaults & Private Lessons
7:00pm: Building Closes

Private lessons Available!

One hour or short 10 minute lessons with Maestro Blair are available over the weekend. Lessons are on a first come, first serve basis and are in limited quantity.


Arms Academy will be held at Body Vibe Studio in San Rafael, California. This new dance studio features Marley sprung floors, over 1,500 square feet of salle space, changing rooms, storage cubbies, and a lounge area with coffee.

Body Vibe Studio has it's own parking lot as well as plenty of street parking. Arms Academy may also be reached via the San Rafael Transit Center with busses arriving from, and departing to, nearly every area of the bay. The Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) also arrives at this transit center blocks away. Walking to Body Vibe Studio from the transit center is a 1.5 mile, 30 minute walk.

Friday night's cocktail hour and Saturday night's dinner will be in downtown San Rafael. Plenty of free parking is available after 6pm at meters or parking garages.


All equipment must be in good condition and safe to use. Shoes must be worn an no skin may be exposed with exception to the back of the head and unarmed hand. No pupil may wear any black clothing with exception to socks and undershirts. The following equipment is required:

  • Fencing Mask – Wire mesh with fabric bib covering the neck. No additional protection for the back of the head is required.
  • Fencing Jacket – Fabric covering both arms to the wrist, waist and back.
  • Fencing Glove – For the weapon hand only with cuff covering the wrist.
  • Shoes – Non-marking shoes only, comfortable for extended use.
  • French Foil: French foils featuring figure 8 guards are recommended. Extra foils are available for student use. No foils with electric points.
  • French Epee: French epees featuring a hemispherical guard and point d'arret. No extra epees are available for student use. Purchase an epee here by January 20th for delivery by Arms Academy.

Code of Conduct

  • Every student must greet the instructor(s), other students, new students, and guests upon entry into the salle.
  • No cursing, swearing or foul language is allowed in the salle or ancillary rooms.
  • Fencers must keep their equipment in clean working order and to adhere to the school's dress code.
  • Speaking under arms is not permitted during training. Commenting on, teaching, or attempting to diagnose another fencer's technique or tactics in drills or the assault is not permitted by anyone but the instructor(s) at arms.
  • Fencers must salute when beginning or concluding any drill or assault, including a handshake and expression of gratitude.
  • With the exception of handshakes and salutations students may not touch other students while training or fencing. No hand to hand exchanges, grappling or wrestling is allowed at any time.
  • Malicious comments or actions will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the school.