Foil Academy

Foil Academy 2017 – March 4th & 5thGolden Gate School of Arms Foil Academy Logo

Foil Academy is a two day intensive seminar on French foil fencing technique hosted by the Golden Gate School of Arms. The French foil, or fleurette, was the original practice tool for the smallsword and dueling sword (épée). Foil fencing trains accuracy, technique, endurance and more. Foil Academy exposes students to a myriad of French foil techniques, including footwork, simple and complex attacks, the parry, reposte, pris d’fer, and more. Students have the opportunity to fence all other students in open assaults and in a single elimination tournament. Photographs of last year’s excellent Academy can be found here. Use the registration links below to reserve your place in this year’s Foil Academy!


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(Saturday or Sunday Only)

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Schedule of Events

Friday, March 3rd
8pm cocktail hour, location TBD

Saturday, March 4th
12:00pm: Building Open
12:15 – 2:30: Instruction
2:30: Coffee Break
3:00 – 5:00: Instruction
5:00-5:50: Open Assaults & Plastron Lessons (Book a Lesson)
6:00pm: Building Closes
7:30: Group dinner reservation, location TBD

Sunday, March 5th
10:00 – 11:30am: TBD Elective Class
12:00pm: Building Open
12:15 – 2:30: Instruction
2:30: Coffee Break
3:00pm – 4:00: Instruction
4:00 – 5:00: Foil Tournament
5:00 – 5:50: Open Assaults & Plastron Lessons (Book a Lesson)
6:00pm: Building Closes


Foil Academy is held at the College of Marin campus in Kentfield, California. Instruction will be held at the Physical Education center (see campus map), room ‘PE 60’. The sprung floors are comfortable for fencing and the room is well lit with floor to ceiling windows. Plenty of parking is available, but daily permits may be required and can be purchased on site.


All equipment must be in good condition and safe to use. Shoes must be worn an no skin may be exposed with exception to the back of the head and unarmed hand. No pupil may wear any black clothing with exception to socks and undershirts. The following equipment is required:

  • Fencing Mask – Wire mesh with fabric bib covering the neck. No additional protection for the back of the head is required.
  • Fencing Jacket – Fabric covering both arms to the wrist, waist and back.
  • Fencing Glove – For the weapon hand only with cuff covering the wrist.
  • Shoes – Non-marking shoes only, comfortable for extended use.
  • French Foil: French foils featuring figure 8 guards are recommended. Extra foils are available for student use. No foils with electric points.

Code of Conduct

  • Every student must greet the instructor(s), other students, new students, and guests upon entry into the salle.
  • No cursing, swearing or foul language is allowed in the salle or ancillary rooms.
  • Fencers must keep their equipment in clean working order and to adhere to the school’s dress code.
  • Speaking under arms is not permitted during training. Commenting on, teaching, or attempting to diagnose another fencer’s technique or tactics in drills or the assault is not permitted by anyone but the instructor(s) at arms.
  • Fencers must salute when beginning or concluding any drill or assault, including a handshake and expression of gratitude.
  • With the exception of handshakes and salutations students may not touch other students while training or fencing. No hand to hand exchanges, grappling or wrestling is allowed at any time.
  • Malicious comments or actions will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the school.