Classical Fencing Tournaments

Medals Won at the Grand Assault of Arms

Grand Assault of Arms Epee Medal

Instructor Bowles and senior student Kara Kutina traveled to and competed in the Grand Assault of Arms in New York on November 5th. The Association for Historical Fencing tournament was well attended by fencers of the Martinez Academy of Arms, Palm Beach Classical Fencing, and SUNY Purchase Fencing Club. The foil division was the day’s largest and took over 3 hours to complete. Instructor Bowles took second place behind Instructor Kim Moser of Palm Beach Classical Fencing. The epee bouts took considerably less time and resulted in Instructor Bowles awarded with first place.

The tournament was extremely well run for it’s 14th year and was directed by Provosts Jared Kirby, Antone Blair (of Destreza Pacifica), and Cecil Longino (of Salle Saint George) who have all since been awarded the title of Masters at Arms by the Martinez Academy of Arms.

Complete Results

Foil: 1st: Kim Moser, 2nd: Benjamin Bowles, 3rd: Edward Gasperi, 4th: Matthew Pius

Epee: 1st: Benjamin Bowles, 2nd: Kim Moser, 3rd: Tony Mita

Sabre: 1st: Tony Mita, 2nd: Kim Moser, 3rd: Edward Gasperi

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