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SF Classical Fencer Takes Home 3 Medals

Eric Haas with three medals from the Redwood Coast Assault of Arms

Eric Haas Returns with Three Medals
Golden Gate School of Arms senior student Eric Haas fenced excellently in this year’s Redwood Coast Assault of Arms tournament and took a well deserved first place in foil. Mr. Haas (pictured second from left in award photo below) has been training at the Golden Gate School of Arms since it’s opening in 2014 and came with many years experience from both Provost Antone Blair of Destreza Pacifica, and Humboldt State University Fencing Club in Arcata, California. Mr. Haas also competed with the epee, or dueling sword, which is fenced most tactically and under conditions closely reminiscent of a duel and finished second place behind Provost Ryan Mank of Red Sun Classical Fencing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the historical weapons bracket Mr. Haas fenced many competitors from Diamond Rose Academie d’Armes in Auburn, California and took second place.


Annual Classical Fencing Tournament
The Redwood Coast Assault of Arms is an annual classical fencing tournament run by the Humboldt State University Fencing Club in Arcata, California. The HSU Fencing Club has existed since 1955 and has been running the Redwood Coast Assault of Arms for 8 years.

Fencing at Humboldt State University

The tournament was expertly directed by student instructor Kara Kutina with a ruleset and officials from the Association for Historical Fencing, including Maestro de Armas Jeannette Acosta Martinez. Each pair of fencers were observed by four judges and one director on their skill and validity of their hits to determine the victor of each bout. The winner of the tournament was not the fencer with the most total victories, but rather the fencer who received the least amount of hits while delivering the most, therefore rewarding martial skill and expertise with the sword. The fencers were well provided for with snacks, water & juice, and enjoyed a full day of open fencing the next day after the tournament.

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