Fencing Classes in San Francisco

San Francisco Fencing Classes

Golden Gate School of Arms teaches a living tradition of fencing arts descended from master to student since the 19th century. In our San Francisco fencing classes in Noe Valley, fencers train in the use of the French foil. The French foil was the training weapon for the epee, or dueling sword, and the techniques students learn has been taught for over a century. Students practice with their peers under the direction of professional instructor Benjamin Bowles. The last twenty minutes of class is dedicated to fencing bouts. Students of any level are may attend and learn the fundamentals of fencing through the most advanced tactics. New students are always welcome.

New Students

No experience is necessary to start fencing and Instructor Bowles provides weapons for students to use for the first three months. Attend your first class wearing comfortable clothes for ease of movement, but refrain from wearing black. Non-marking tennis, running, or dance shoes are acceptable. Your first class will be an introduction to classical fencing, how to hold the sword, the en guard position, and initial maneuvers. A protective mask, jacket and glove are not required to begin classes, but will be by your third month if not sooner. Instructor Bowles can e-mail details about the uniform and vendor list upon request. Classes are at Mobu Dance Studio in Noe Valley, San Francisco on Church Street. Street parking is available, and MUNI’s J line 27th street stop is two blocks from the studio. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Membership at the Golden Gate School of Arms grants unlimited classes per month at the best rate, and grants discounts on individual plastron lessons, private lessons, and special seminars. Members will be awarded a school patch to affix onto their off-hand jacket sleeve after six months of attendance.