Town of Ross

Town of Ross RecreationFencing in Ross

We offer fencing to students in grades 3 to 8 through Town of Ross Recreation. Practicing swordsmanship refines focus, improves dexterity, and makes flexible the mind and body. Students train with the French foil beginning with fundamental footwork and ending with attacks and defenses. In addition to working with the sword, students learn etiquette fencing with their fellow students. All equipment provided, and no previous fencing experience required!

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Youth Fencers

Fencing is a whole body exercise that trains balance, body awareness, muscular control, posture, carriage, poise and much more. Young students practicing fencing develop these qualities and gain an extensive knowledge of sword techniques and self defense.

In addition to physical exercise young students are held to the same etiquette and polity standards as our adult students. Respect for the art, teachers, and fellow students is required and expected of young adult students. Learning to fence at Golden Gate School of Arms can imbue young students with a passion for swordsmanship and a standard of etiquette among their peers.